Alexander Volkov (guitar, vocal, sunlike)

Alexander Volkov

He rode across the sky in a golden ship, bringing light and warmth to all creatures living on earth. When the sun set in the evening, he descended to the underworld and brought light and air to the people who dwelled there. Can play even on a stick.

Igor Darovskiy (keys, back-vocal, nearmusic things)

Igor Darovskiy

Due to innate color blindness does not distinguish between the Google and Bing. Writes manyletters and thinks that they form a collective unconscious. Cranberry.

Alexey Talandiy (bass, back-vocal)

Alexey Talandiy

Spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. At those moments pinkish aura appeares above him.

Irina Holodova (PR)

Irina Holodova

The former were the armed forces of the Shinn Fein party and the heirs of the Fenian organization, and the latter were created by the hero of the Easter Rising to protect the labor movement. A chemical element from the group of lanthanides, silver metal.